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When a deranged scientist known as Dr. Robotnik steals ancient artifacts known as Chaos Emeralds, a carefree hedgehog is thrust into a whole new adventure! Along the way, he meets Miles "Tails" Prower, a two-tailed fox, Knuckles, a hot-headed echidna, Amy, a hammer-wielding fangirl, and a whole cast of friends and foes. Where will his adventures take him? Follow along and find out. UPDATES WHENEVER...

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CHAPTER 4 - Page 15
CHAPTER 4 - Page 15

June 26th, 2018, 1:12 pm


So it's been awhile. Think it's about time to explain myself. Going to a community college didn't work out much for me, and besides working part-time, I'm putting most of my free time and focus into my art. I want to get better and try to get my work out in the open. What does this mean for Sonic ReBooted? It's hard to say. Though I don't want to confirm it's never being updated again, I will say that no updates will be coming anytime soon. I can't say when (or if) I'm going to be getting back into working on this small fan-comic.

However, I've been wanting to get started on an original project of mine (something not sprite-based) and depending on how that goes, I may start updating a NEW comic. Completely unrelated to ReBooted, but a new comic, nonetheless.

If you're reading this (and happen to be a fan of ReBooted), I'm sorry, but the comic is simply buried under a whole lot of other things right now. I hope you understand.

January 30th, 2018, 1:04 pm

[witty title here]

Sorry it's been awhile, everyone. I'm starting to get back into making the comic, now that I have some free time, and you can expect some new comics soon enough. Just need a bit to get back into the swing of things.

Trust me. I'm aware of how inconsistent the updates are.

December 9th, 2017, 2:35 pm

Fall Term SUCKS!

So it's been awhile since the last update, and there are a few elements for why that is. First of all, the computer I usually make the pages on is being stupid, but I'm planning to move over to my laptop, anyway. Secondly, the Fall term is coming to a close, and I have some catching up to do. Once I'm on break, I'll get back into the comic. Lastly, I've been trying to work a little more on my own art, and that's what I try to use some of my spare time for. As much as I enjoy working on Sonic ReBooted, I need to put my priorities elsewhere. I'm sorry for those who are patiently waiting for an update, but once the Fall term is over (however that goes), I'll get back into the swing of things. Cheers!

November 8th, 2017, 9:52 pm

New update tomorrow!

Yeah, it's been a couple of weeks. Besides the usual responsibilities, a lot of games have come out recently. The new South Park game is hilarious and pretty great, Mario Odyssey is a fantastic, addicting experience, and Sonic Forces... is okay.

Anyway, the new page will be up tomorrow afternoon, so look forward to that, I guess.

September 21st, 2017, 9:49 pm

Where's the next page?

Meant to have the last page of Chapter 3 up this afternoon, but there was some drama concerning college and I couldn't get around to it. It'll be up tomorrow for sure. Thank you for your patience.

August 30th, 2017, 7:12 pm

It's been awhile...

Yes, I know the last page was quite some time ago. I figured those who are following this should know why. Basically, college is coming up, and between getting ready for that and working, I've been relaxing, drawing, playing games, etc., and the comic has just sort of been pushed off to the side. I sound like a broken record at this point, but it's just the truth.

ReBooted is not cancelled, it's just buried under pretty much everything going on in life right now. It's just a matter of finding a moment to sit down and devote time to the comic.

August 10th, 2017, 9:49 am

Just a quick update.

Wow. Haven't really done one of these. Well, just wanted to let you guys know that there will be some very minor changes to some of the previous pages. Just a few stylistic changes to make some of those older pages more consistent with the newer ones. Also, a new version of Chapter 3 - Page 6 is out.

That's pretty much it. I hope you're all enjoying the comic thus far.

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